Google’s Pacman

From here (link removed) you can download Google’s Pacman.

The current version has a couple problems. Sound don’t work when working offline. And when working online, for example on a local server, it won’t work on Opera but works fine in IE and Firefox.

Hour is getting late and I can’t really be bothered any longer with it, will eventually get back up to it. In the meanwhile, enjoy.

Update: Look here for an update.

5 thoughts on “Google’s Pacman”

  1. HOW did you get the Google Pacman to work? After looking at all Jscript and HTML code and determining all the files I’d need, I downloaded all the files and index.htm. I even duplicated their directory structure and put all the right files in all the right folders which had all the right names. But it DOES NOT WORK! What am I doing wrong? Will this require 1337 h@ck0r skillz, with SUPER HYPER EXTENSIVE knowledge of Jscript and every other online programming language to get this working? Or what am I doing wrong? Please let me know.

    And what did YOU do to get it working? How did you figure it out? I maybe could learn something about reverse engineering web pages in general to create offline versions of web pages in general if I could learn your technique. Please help me learn how to do this just with Google just like you did, and also more in general how you did it. When you see a problem like this, how do you go about reverse engineering it?

  2. Hello,

    the version on Github looks GREAT, but the readme file only says “download the source” and I can’t seem to know where and how.
    Can’t you update the version here to that fullblack Github version? Because the version here doesn’t have the Insert Coins button and the 2 players options and doesn’t look as neat.

    I am looking for a working copy offline.


    1. On the github page there’s a huge ass button which says “Download Source”. You can choose if you want a ZIP compressed version or a TAR/GZ compressed version. Just download and unpack.

      1. The huge ass button doesn’t work with me at all, maybe because I use an old browser, but I’ll try the new link here.


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