Call me again after you die.

I’ve been doing everything I could to avoid stopping and thinking too much. Nevertheless it’s not easy, just as usual.

I’ve been coding for PSP, playing games on NDS, PSP & X360, watching movies, raiding in WoW… I even restarted playing guitar, all to no avail.

But anyways, that’s not what I want to talk about now.

Some days ago on Italia 1 and Rai 2 I managed to watch two movies (2!) that didn’t suck. Two in a night. Awesome!

Here are the trailers for you.

Mercenary for Justice (2006)

Reign of Fire (2002)

After watching Reign of Fire I understood where blizzard got the idea from for a couple things, such as Protodrakes and one of the encounters of Utgarde Pinnacle.

Edit: another movie. I never heard of this one, but I’m watching it right now and it rulez.

Shaun of the Dead (2004)

The Earthquake

Just to reassure the people who still come to me after today’s tragic earthquake: I’m fine.

Some of my relatives are not that much, but as far as my family is concerned, we’re almost totally fine.

If we don’t count the couple who are still under those ruins, but… hopefully we will all be.

If you have no idea what I’m talking about… check CNN.

Update: actually, 5 deaths. 5 out of 5, including a 10 year old kid.

Rage Bursts

I’m thinking about Rai 4 trailer (an italian tv broadcast): “such a perfect daaaaaay…” and BAM, bullet square in the forehead.

I woke up after a few hours of sleep at the sound of the Sleepy Kitten Song, of which I ripped audio and put it on my mobile phone as my alarm sound. I couldn’t sleep enough, but it was alright, I could do an exception for once.

Then I got problems with my elders. Install a digital catalogue, but it doesn’t work. Then they call the boss who tells me “well, it works, try to reinstall again”. I almost slayed him by the phone, but it’s not his fault, he doesn’t understand much more than my father, and it surely isn’t a lot, pity them. Anyway I did it, but it wasn’t working either. Then I tried to install Access (ouch!), nothing to do. Then I start looking for randomly created links, and I find out that in theory to start it up I needed to start up an HTML. Doubt arises now… an application which starts from html? WTF?!? Going on I find out it’s a VBD. A particoular type of ActiveX. That only starts with IE6, not IE7. Gotcha! Now, the problem is… HOW THE HELL AM I SUPPOSED TO HAVE TWO DIFFERENT IE INSTALLED ON THE SAME PC (and I don’t even want one of them)!! AND HOW THE HELL CAN YOU RELEASE A DAMN APPLICATION BASED ON THE THOUGHT THAT A CERTAIN APPLICATION IS INSTALLED ON A PC. Not to mention that the software it’s a VB5 application, which closes itself automatically if it’s not started (or so I think) from the VBD.

I give up, I try to make some researches, just to find out it’s not the only bad thing of the day. The meeting, already rescheduled twice, has to be rescheduled again. Or maybe not, fuck it.

At the yell of “why the fuck did I get up from bed”.

Note: I slept a little because I had things to do. And of all the things I had to do, in 3 hours I couldn’t even think about doing them.

“Such a perfect day, drink sangria in the park, and then later, when it gets dark we go home.” (Lou Reed – Perfect Day)