Ground Zero

It’s been years now. I always said that the twin towers attack was planned by the USA to save their economy, but I always been laughed/yelled at. I told them the relations between american banks, oil companies and the twin towers. Noone listened.

Now it’s official. Every newspaper and tv news declares that there are currently investigations regarding the twin towers attack, that there are several evidences that everything was planned by the americans themselves.

Now, to all the mother fuckers which had something to say against what I’ve been declaring for years: “didn’t I tell you, bitch?”

But of course, when some guy from Italy talks, even though he searched, looked, listened and read everything it was there to watch, listen and read, he still is some random italian guy. Why should anyone listen to him?

I would ask another question, though: why now everybody listens to me? Why, now that someone said “americans were behind it all” people listens to me and agrees with what I say?

I tell you why: because I was right in the first place, you idiot!

PS: If you’re american and/or you really think that the war in Iraq was made to “export democracy” (and you still gotta tell me how the fuck you can export democracy through the barrel of a gun, though), you should take a look at the The New American Century, all papers written since 1997, which tells the world why america should dominate the whole world, and how to actually do it. First Iraq, then Iran, then… I’ll let you read through it. You might learn something.
Oh, and the website’s been created from the people who actually stand beside Bush. No wonder…

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