Late Update

Hell yeah, man… it’s been a while…

I just popped in to tell you that I’ve been busy. Pretty much busy. With my job, with my personal life, with my friendships, my passions, my dreams…

And I’m way stressed. Both physically & mentally.

But I’m happy. More than I thought I could ever be. Of course, not 24/7, but I’m… relieved, let’s say that.

I feel like I’m way more relaxed inside. And I notice that in moments like this, where I’m basically angry, or maybe just lunatic due to latest stress, but it doesn’t totally put me on the ground. And it’s a great thing.

I found someone who’s able to lift me up. And apparently, she found someone who’s able to do the same with her. Or maybe it’s just what I wish.

Life’s uncertain. You can never tell. But, for once, I’ve got something to fight for with all my strength. Something that takes me out of the bed every single day, without questioning why. Someone in whose eyes I can feel love.

Someone by my side.

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