I Just Don’t Give a Fuck

I’m fed up.

Do you think I’m a jerk? Do you think I’m a son of a bitch? Do you think that “2/3 of what I say are just mean things and the last 1/3 is used to link them up”? Do you think I’m too (falsely) moralist? Do you think I’m honorless? Do you think I’m a chronicle bastard?

You know what… I am going to from now on.

I’ll crack your ass up each and every single time you cross my path. I will take care to perfectly send your way all the shit I can, without failing. You don’t even know how many times I saved you, huge sons of bitches. You have no idea about how many fucking times I simply “walked on” without caring too much about what you said, and to make others walk on aswell, when they got pissed off at what you called me.

Do you think you know how much I can be a jerk/bastard? Do you think you have seen all of my rage? Do you think you saw me real mad? Do you think you know me? Think again, my dears.

I’m fed up. Definitely. And I’m coming to catch you all, one by one. Get ready.

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