Oh, my Gods…

I just noticed it’s more than a year and half that I don’t write to my blog. Truth be told, there’s not much news: still same job, no more MMORPGs, playing a lot more different games instead, same girlfriend, same ol’ life. Oh, I adopted a cat! That’s news. I hate cats. And yet…

My new website is 95% complete, by the way. And it’s 95% complete from months. Having reduced attention spans may suck hard, you know.

I have a few new/overhauled software projects I’m working on: app for midi translation with a Guitar Hero drumset (80% done, see website note above), mass renamer finally rewritten from scratch (originally wrote in 2005, maybe earlier, about 98% complete), a few cheating tools for a couple games (I’m not even mentioning which) and last but not least… no, j/k, ain’t tellin’ ya 🙂

Oh, if it may interest you I’ve got myself a twitter account, although I don’t write there from a while aswell.

Fear not, I still browse around reading comments and private messages you send my way.

Peace out.

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