Fuck yeah, it did happen. But as far as I know it wasn’t a problem of my code, rather a vulnerability due to PHP 5.

How do I know? Of course admins told me nothing about it, but I noticed my server has been downgraded, so… you know… it’s almost like that…

Well, that nEt^DeViL bitch didn’t reply to me for whatever reason, who cares, now my web is back.

Right when I really wanted to tell you something important the site got hacked, and now is gone, but who cares, life goes on…

I’m back.


Once again I’ve been forced to “quit” the normal stuff to code a spam filter: it seems some fuckhead likes to spam on my website, but now all the spam is filtered out (heavily). And as if that is not enough yet, I even log every single IP, since ever. I just don’t know what to do yet with those (which are also combined with perfect timestamps), but I will think about it pretty soon.

Anyway there are a few words I’ve been thinking of lately, and some of those are:

“Emptiness is loneliness,
and loneliness is cleanliness,
and cleanliness is godliness,
and god is empty…
just like me…”
(Smashing PumpkinsZero)

“Wash your women in your whiskey
when your future’s in the past,
and you’re staring up at heaven
from the bottom of a glass,
and you need some insulation
from the years you’ve had and lost,
and you feel the perspiration
as you’re adding up the cost.

And the night rolls on
like a slow moving train…
And the soul cries out…”
(SavatageHandful of Rain)

Read it, think about it, remember it and then feel it.

Website Update

Alright guys, while working on the new version of the website I decided to change something under the hood: adding semantic code, switching to HTML 4.01, or even better XHTML 1.0. Might sound like nothing to you, but it’s gonna be some major work. Hence you will have no updates until the new version is up. A lot of things are gonna get added, so the await will be worth it.

Stay well in the meantime…

New website, new life…

Hell yeah! Just to start it up: http://www.underealm.com/mtv?lang=en

A little something you MUST check out, aight?

This will be my reign, my fucking own place… Thoughts, code, funlogs, pictures, just anything that comes up to my mind will be put in here. Took me quite a long to bring this stuff up, and even more time will be needed to bring you all the rest of the website I currently have into my mind. But I felt I could no longer resist, therefore here we are…

I am Skizo and if you want I will bring you down into my world.

Over and out.