Win7 (x64) & FF8

Windows 7 (x64) and Final Fantasy VIII: A Flawless Victory!

A little time ago I decided to play again my so beloved FF8, which is the first game of the saga I ever played. But this time, since my girlfriend owns the PC version, I decided to give it a try and to use the graphics improvements that are available around the net, and I am thus writing a little howto to both help you out with this task should you ever need it, and to help myself remember this little steps in case I forget. And I forget quickly, so…

In order to start this, I’m assuming you have the following:

  • All the original 5 CDs of FF8
  • The Eidos patch for FF8 (1.02)
  • FF8 Launcher (1.31)
  • Griever
  • Windows 7 (64 bit)

About Win7, I only tested it (as clearly stated by now) on a Windows 7 box running a 64 version of it. Which means some of the registry keys will be slightly different. I have no doubt that by running a simple registry search you can find the appropriate one, however I did not delve into it, and thus I’m not reporting about it. Also, while FF8 Launcher IS needed in order to run the game on a higher resolution, Griever is just a MemoryCard Modifier, but I considered I should mention it anyway.

But let’s the fun begin. After installing FF8, the 1.02 patch, and after copying both the launcher and Griever into the game directory, let’s hack with it. The first thing you will want to do is run FF8Config.exe in order to set minor settings up.

Final Fantasy VIII Graphics Configuration

As highlighted in the screenshot, you need to set up the Movie Resolution to High, and Use High Res Fonts up. In order to do this you might need to set the display resolution to 640x480x16, but don’t be fooled by this as the resolution will be set externally. Once the graphics have been set up, the next pass is to set up the keyboard/controller.

Final Fantasy VIII Input Configuration

I’ve uploaded a screenshot with the original PSX bindings on it. This will let you understand easily how to remap the keyboard and/or your joypad assuming that, just like me, you haven’t played in a while and don’t actually remember everything. It’s worth mentioning though that you may want to swap Triangle with Circle: this will allow a way more “natural” style of playing with menus, which is the same as most FF, including the most recent Dissidia for PSP, but it’s really up to your likings.

FF8 Launcher Setup

Getting back to the graphics, the launcher is where you are really going to set it up. After selecting your Display Mode, you should enable the Expert mode.

FF8 running with some artifacts

The expert mode will allow you to modify the way the screen is shown, in order to correct graphical problems ingame. This is done using “<Ctrl>+,” “<Ctrl>+.” “<Alt>+,” “<Alt>+.”, as you can see in the README. While in-game, with those commands you will be able to fix some artefacts you may encounter. I strongly recommend to use those only after loading the game, as it’s easier to find them and fix them.

FF8 running with no artifacts

After you’ve done so, you should be fully able to run the game. And if so, start playing and have fun!

You may though encounter in some sort of registry errors. I’ve been notified for example that some people might not be able to run the game and load the game CDs if FF8 is not started in administration mode. This obviously sucks big time, I myself would never want it to run with admin rights, even though it’s not really much harm it can do, so I started some research on my box. What I found is that there are, at least on Win7 and I believe the same applies to Vista too, where some different user privileges redirects the user to a different location in the registry. After a little delving and fiddling I found out that the settings for the user mode are stored here:

HKCU\Software\Classes\VirtualStore\MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Square Soft, Inc\FINAL FANTASY VIII\1.00

Usermode registry settings of Final Fantasy VIII

I’m fairly sure that if the CD error appears to you, the DataDrive will be something like C:. In this case is enough to change it into your CD drive and the issue should be resolved.

This is all there is to it. If you encounter some other problems feel free to notify me.

See you around, SeeDs!

Run, Wolf Warrior, Run

Run, wolf warrior, to ends eternal
Through the wreckage of the death of the day
Scent of silence under starlight spinning
A captured beast within a human skin

Are you searching for long lost landscapes
Lit by flowers and crystal cascades?
Where the lamb lies down with the lion
Where the wolf is one with the wild

Run, wolf warrior, through kingdoms’ chaos
Senseless cities and ghost towns towering
Howl, o’ hunter, though few know you’re crying
Face upturned into that midnight moon

Are you hunting for mystic mountains
Where the air is like liquid laughter?
Where the beasts inherit the earth
Where the last again will be first

Run, wolf warrior, to hide your hunger
The rain will wash away the pains of the day
In your eyes there are cold fires burning
Tongues of flame that can never be tamed

Are you running from Man’s delusion
Majestic madness and your exclusion
To where the lamb lies down with the lion?

Are you running down ancient pathways
Through this dark and deserted land
To where man is once more a child?

Are you running to freedom’s fortress
By the side of wide open seas
Where the wolf is one with the wild?

Run, run, run…

Run, run, run, run, run, run on, run on through the rain…

It might sound stupid, but you’ll actually never know why I start crying when I hear this song. Facing the moon aswell. And I wish I was kidding.

Call me again after you die.

I’ve been doing everything I could to avoid stopping and thinking too much. Nevertheless it’s not easy, just as usual.

I’ve been coding for PSP, playing games on NDS, PSP & X360, watching movies, raiding in WoW… I even restarted playing guitar, all to no avail.

But anyways, that’s not what I want to talk about now.

Some days ago on Italia 1 and Rai 2 I managed to watch two movies (2!) that didn’t suck. Two in a night. Awesome!

Here are the trailers for you.

Mercenary for Justice (2006)

Reign of Fire (2002)

After watching Reign of Fire I understood where blizzard got the idea from for a couple things, such as Protodrakes and one of the encounters of Utgarde Pinnacle.

Edit: another movie. I never heard of this one, but I’m watching it right now and it rulez.

Shaun of the Dead (2004)

Dancing on a Rope

This is french. If you don’t get it, either use a translator or get lost =P

Je déambule sur la corde de mes peurs
Lentement j’avance à tatons, toujours plus loin
Je regarde dans l’abîme de mon âme
Mais il n’y a pas de retour

Un pas en avant, deux pas en arrière
La danse sur la corde
La recherche du bonheur
Un pas en avant, pas en arrière
Insensé, sans but
La recherche du bonheur

Je danse sur la corde de mes rêves
Je suis très légère, la musique s’élève
Tu m’invite à danser
Je me sens si libre, la chanson s’élève
Tu me donnes la main
Et la danse commence

Un pas en avant, deux pas en arrière
La danse sur la corde
La recherche du bonheur
Un pas en avant, pas en arrière
Insensé, sans but
La recherche du bonheur

Je déambule sur la corde de mes peurs
Lentement j’avance à tatons, toujours plus loin
Je regarde dans l’abîme de mon âme
Mais il n’y a pas de retour

Je perds l’équilibre, je tombe
Mais rien ne peut m’arriver, car tu es là
Nous glissons comme les feuilles dans le vent
Tu me tiens, tu es près de moi
Nous glissons sur les nuages, portés par le vent
La pluie s’abat sur ma peau
Et notre chanson expire

Been a Dirty Day…

Or at least so U2 sing, still it describes well my last days.

Today I woke up early. And without even checking the time I rolled in my bed, pulled the sheets and got back to sleep. Woke up again. Got back to sleep again. Woke up again. Got back to sleep again. And going on like this I finally fully woke up after the sunset.

Lately it often happens to think about the fact I have no reason to get out of bed every day, but I seldom feel my body freeze at just the though of actually having to do it. This is one of those days. One of those days in which not even a 100 watt halogen lamp pointed right in the middle of your eyes can give you the will to move your head a bit, not even to avoid the light.

What did I do to get to this state? For sure I don’t know, and I doubt I will ever do. Thanks to God, which said by me seems like a joke, I don’t have to worry about a job, since when I “work” I gain more money in a single week than a couple guys in three whole months, without even considering the fact that until January I don’t even have to think about it. Phisically I’m doing good, worst problems seem to be past as of now, and I learnt to contain most of the psychosomatic part of my diseases. But still…


Still all of this, which could make a lot of people happy, is not enough for me. Someone told me, and probably still tells me, that all of this doesn’t matter because there is no one to share it with. And honestly I don’t think she’s wrong.

Nonetheless, no matter how hard I try to keep private my personal life, there is still people who continues to bother me and other persons close to me with theories, “possible love stories” linked to my latest decisions and whatnot. And this makes me angry. Very, very angry.

On of the (many) things which makes me angry is when people talks behind my back, for good or worse. In this case the “oh, how kind of them, they are worried about me” part gets TOTALLY eclipsed by the “oh, for fucks sake, why don’t they just think about their fucking businesses and stop thinking about my own? Don’t they have anything else to think about?”

I had a dream today. Actually I dreamed quite a bit, but I particularly remember one of them. I was in Hong Kong, I think I wanted to move out there, but I had no place to stay. So snowmask gave me the keys of her apartment and a sofa on which I could sleep, at least until I was able to find a flat. Good girl, always said she is… Then I don’t really remember what happened, I remember of being under a bridge in HK with some sheets, like a clochard, and some bastards who wanted to beat the hell out of me just to have some fun and stuff like that… bit confused memories, but I think that’s normal. Oh, it just came back to my mind that I decided, in dream still, to buy myself a Wii aswell… meh…

It seems like even my dreams realized what I should do: get up and go away as far as possible. And if it wouldn’t sound to me way too much like an escape, I would do it. But I could consider it like a “strategical withdrawn”. I’m thinking about it these days, or better, to be true I’ve been thinking about it from some time now. I even had a “there’s no world outside of me” week, where I disconnected the rest of the universe and I just cared about my job. And it did me quite some good, aside the fact that once back home things went better for a bit, but then fell down. Fell down a long way aswell.

As I said last night during a conversation, I’m in stall. I know that the only way to save myself is to eject, but I keep myself well tight to my Su-27. And there are two possible endings here, both possible: I fall down and “await the worst, which is not the fall rather the landing”; I successfully restart the engines, climb up again and quickly jet away. At the moment, worth mentioning, I’m about to kiss the ground.

Just like I was thinking when I was still in my bed, I’d like to close this post with an excerpt from Savatage – Morphine Child:

I’m too old to be living this
Lived to long to be given this
Can our god be forgiving this

I had a light that shined
Across my mind
Rarely see it any more

Now it is mostly dark
Accept for sparks
Can’t remember what they’re for

I am the morphine child
The dream defiled
The never ending metaphor
I am the wizard oz
Result and cause
Never look behind that door


Never listen to the crowd before me
Never listen to the self ordained
Never really wanted to believe it any way

Time is fading
Night is calling
I am on my way

Turn around turn around
Turn around turn around

Time is fading
Night is calling
I am on my…