I see living Kodos

If you ever played with me in WoW, then you probably know that one of my greatest regrets of playing Alliance is that I can’t have a kodo. Or is it?

Brewfest came (more on it later), and kodos came along. So I’m very proud to present you my own personal [Great Brewfest Kodo].

I’d add a “WOOT! WOOT!” here, but I’ll just stick to images.

And one...
And one…
... and two...
… and two…
... and three!!
… and three!!

Lotta love <3

3 thoughts on “I see living Kodos”

  1. Gz 😀
    It took some time, but it was well worth it… Enjoy your Kodo xD

  2. kodokodokodokodokodokodokodoKODOKODOKODOKODO WOW! What did you do to have one ;p?

  3. Run BRD daily and do the daily BRD quest… over time (about 7-8 tries per day, on the 4th day it eventually dropped).

    Wanted to bring you in but hey, you were not here 😀

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