Wrath of the Lich King

WotLK Collector’s Edition: I haz it.

Collectors Edition Box
Collector's Edition

It took me some time (a few days actually) and a bit of luck (and steady reflexes) to get my dirty hands upon a collector’s edition box (actually menaces also worked for me here).

I would also like to say sorry to the poor ally bloke from Jaedenar-EU who was like 15ms late reaching the box. Sorry dude, I think about you all the time while I play. Honest.

No, maybe not XD

Anyway, there are quite a few interesting things in it. Too bad it’s overpriced, but hey, that’s quite normal methinks. For the ones who don’t know already, Collector’s Edition was worth a whopping €70,00, while Standard Edition was €35,00. And no, I won’t mention the €0,01 change you get back 😛

Back to the Collector’s Edition Box:

Collectors Edition Content
Collector's Edition Content

Content listed in no particoular order:

  • Mouse Pad. For the ones who get lost.
  • Original Soundtrack. Give your car an epic twist.
  • Game DVD. D’oh!
  • Video DVD: Behind the Scenes. No idea, didn’t see it yet 😛
  • Artbook. Awsomeness. Looks good in book shelves too.
  • Random TCG stuff. Cards ‘n Stuff
  • Frosty, in-game pet. *flap*flap*

Isn’t that enough to pay double the price? Probably not. But still I did, who cares.

On a side note the Nihilum+SK team 25th November guild already cleared by a day or two all the PvE content out to date. Leaves me wondering.

Wrath of the Lich King


Yes, all caps. I’m unpolite. But really, FREAKIN’ ZOMBIES EVERYWHERE. It’s the beginning of the pre-WotLK event. And this time I will be there.

For the Blizzard Authenticators matter, I just talked today with Blizzard and told them what I had to. I will deploy the news in 24-48 hours.

Wrath of the Lich King

WotLK is almost here!

Apparently my source was right. I said that WotLK was about to get out November 11, but ofc I forgot to give the shops a couple days to fill their stocks.

Apparently a Blizzard ad claims that WotLK is coming out officially November 13. Probabily the official news will be spread on BlizzCon 2008.

We’ll hang and see 🙂