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Videos from Northrend

Just to pick up the pace once again, I’d like to share a couple videos I took a long time ago in my Northrend trips.

Behold! The ship! And carrots. On a stick! ’nuff said.

If some of you got an epic flying mount, then probably knows that if you get to be shot a fireball/shadowbolt/anything like that while you’re at full throttle, the little thing will keep following you forever and ever (the speed of those things appear to be around 280%+10%). Blizzard took it one step further: while roaming in a camp, I’ve been thrown an axe, which apparently can’t beat the 100% speed barrier. Poor axe.

The Long Way to Northrend

Portal to Stormwind, ship to Northrend. NO, REALLY.

Stormwind Port
Stormwind Port

One of the newest additions which left me amused, is the brand new Stormwind’s Port, with the Lighthouse and all the rest. Enjoy the sight.

Ship to Northrend
Ship to Northrend

Amazing ship if you ask me. It makes me wonder how a ship half made out of FRICKIN’ STONE (and by half i mean the front half) could avoid sinking, but hey, it’s fantasy land, who cares!

Aside you bunch of nerds anyway.

Stormwind's Lighthouse
Stormwind’s Lighthouse

Stormwind’s Lighthouse. It’s… err… a lighthouse. Made of FRICKIN’ STONE.


First sight you have when you take a step off the ship. By the way, you can use mounts on ships too now. AWSOME!

Valance Pt. 2
Valiance Pt. 2

A sight of the “middle field” between Valiance Port and Valiance Keep.

This is it for now, this is the last post for today. Or for the moment should I say. Anyway, I know that the latest image titles aren’t quite funny, but hey, those were just panoramics. What image titles you ask? Oh, wait, you didn’t hover through all the images in the last four posts, did you?