Personal Injury

It’s about time to tell you guys what’s currently happening to me.

You probably noticed I’ve not been around ingame much, and/or you are waiting for the DoR website to come up.

The fact which is refraining me from both atm is a personal injury: my ring & little left fingers are on a road to a (temporary) complete paralysis, which is obviously giving me a lot of troubles to even write this message.

I have the first diagnosis  visit scheduled for 15th of December, and hopefully the surgery operation will come shortly after it.

Bear with me a little longer. It’s not like we’re missing epic raids anyway, right Blizz? 😉

4 thoughts on “Personal Injury”

  1. Cum potentia sua demon fundet mortem in terram, deinde moritur…
    Cum somnus finit, Razgriz surget iterum: magnus heros est.

    *For Greater Justice* 😉

  2. Uh sorry to hear that, I would never thought something like that could happen. You are not the type to say that something is wrong, until it turns out realy bad. Perhaps if you were, more open, we could cheer more for you to turn back to full helth as soon as it’s possible. Remember it’s you we miss not the raids 😉

  3. Depending on the PoV it might be have been a good thing after all.

    It gave me the time to change/fix the layout of this website, time to program a bit on my thingies, draw a bit, even start a new website ( and more generally gave me an excuse to focus on non-intensive tasks for a change.

    I’m starting to feel better though, even if nothing mostly changed. Surgery might not be needed, which is good, maybe it was just a stressed nerve which is going back on track itself.

    But fear not, I’m having fun and have achieved quite a few good things that made me happy while taking my “vacation” from my standard world.

    Lots of love =]

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