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WotLK Collector’s Edition: I haz it.

Collectors Edition Box
Collector's Edition

It took me some time (a few days actually) and a bit of luck (and steady reflexes) to get my dirty hands upon a collector’s edition box (actually menaces also worked for me here).

I would also like to say sorry to the poor ally bloke from Jaedenar-EU who was like 15ms late reaching the box. Sorry dude, I think about you all the time while I play. Honest.

No, maybe not XD

Anyway, there are quite a few interesting things in it. Too bad it’s overpriced, but hey, that’s quite normal methinks. For the ones who don’t know already, Collector’s Edition was worth a whopping €70,00, while Standard Edition was €35,00. And no, I won’t mention the €0,01 change you get back 😛

Back to the Collector’s Edition Box:

Collectors Edition Content
Collector's Edition Content

Content listed in no particoular order:

  • Mouse Pad. For the ones who get lost.
  • Original Soundtrack. Give your car an epic twist.
  • Game DVD. D’oh!
  • Video DVD: Behind the Scenes. No idea, didn’t see it yet 😛
  • Artbook. Awsomeness. Looks good in book shelves too.
  • Random TCG stuff. Cards ‘n Stuff
  • Frosty, in-game pet. *flap*flap*

Isn’t that enough to pay double the price? Probably not. But still I did, who cares.

On a side note the Nihilum+SK team 25th November guild already cleared by a day or two all the PvE content out to date. Leaves me wondering.

Blizzard Authenticator Exploit

Today I decided to warn Blizzard about the security flaw in their “Blizzard Authenticator” implementation.

As a couple of you know already (literally a couple) I have found a way to bypass it. Should a hacker find the same method I discovered, it would make those authenticators close to useless.

For the moment Blizzard decided just to ignore me, which is eventually making me upset.

I don’t know as of now if or when I will disclose the news to the public, but if Blizzard keeps ignoring me that shall happen soon. Very, very soon.

Update: it seems that my last comment (and one of the repliers) have been just trashed. Total replies: 2, only comment visible: mine. Oh, Blizz, that’s a no-no.

Update #2: They eventually answered and showed it all back. Stay tuned. Moar updates soon.

Videos from Northrend

Just to pick up the pace once again, I’d like to share a couple videos I took a long time ago in my Northrend trips.

Behold! The ship! And carrots. On a stick! ’nuff said.

If some of you got an epic flying mount, then probably knows that if you get to be shot a fireball/shadowbolt/anything like that while you’re at full throttle, the little thing will keep following you forever and ever (the speed of those things appear to be around 280%+10%). Blizzard took it one step further: while roaming in a camp, I’ve been thrown an axe, which apparently can’t beat the 100% speed barrier. Poor axe.

Coldarra, the Mystic Realm

Coldarra, also friendly called Rollercoaster (goes up and down and everybody is sick of it). I’m so curious about it.

This is just “yet another rant” post, so if you don’t care, feel free to skip.

When I opted for Beta, I was thinking about testing content. As opposite, I’m just testing world servers going down every 5-10 minutes and spike lags of 12-15 seconds each.

There are certain things I question myself. Why does US have 3 servers while we, averagely with more than half their whole people, we get 1? And why is the only european server in FRICKIN’ CANADA?!?

And that’s not all. There are several other little things, like the blizzard account-related pets. US people was forced to merge the WoW account and Blizz account to join the beta. In europe we dont even have the ability to do that, let alone for something. And this includes the fact that most bonus stuff linked to the merge of WoW and Blizz account won’t be avaliable to europeans.

I personally feel like they’re handing europeans a cookie, which also makes me quite willing to withdraw everything. I mean, if you don’t need us testing that’s fine, take it back, but if you want us to (and I’ve reported even some critical bugs), at least give us a FRICKIN’ DECENT SERVER.

Same goes for pre-made characters. US gets batches of pre-made characters to test instances and stuff, fully 70-80 geared bastards, while we, to test a DK in northrend, have to level them up in Outland.

I seriously don’t know what’s the matter with Blizzard…

WoW 3.01

In the last hours, a patch has been delivered to our houses, namely WoW-2.4.3-to-3.0.1-TBC-EU-Update.

While we perfectly know that this is just the beginning, just like TBC, it makes a certain sense to believe in the “predicted” launch date, which is November 11.

Given an upcoming month of betas and fixes, another month for the final production, it could make quite some sense.

Guess we’ll see soon.

The Long Way to Northrend

Portal to Stormwind, ship to Northrend. NO, REALLY.

Stormwind Port
Stormwind Port

One of the newest additions which left me amused, is the brand new Stormwind’s Port, with the Lighthouse and all the rest. Enjoy the sight.

Ship to Northrend
Ship to Northrend

Amazing ship if you ask me. It makes me wonder how a ship half made out of FRICKIN’ STONE (and by half i mean the front half) could avoid sinking, but hey, it’s fantasy land, who cares!

Aside you bunch of nerds anyway.

Stormwind's Lighthouse
Stormwind’s Lighthouse

Stormwind’s Lighthouse. It’s… err… a lighthouse. Made of FRICKIN’ STONE.


First sight you have when you take a step off the ship. By the way, you can use mounts on ships too now. AWSOME!

Valance Pt. 2
Valiance Pt. 2

A sight of the “middle field” between Valiance Port and Valiance Keep.

This is it for now, this is the last post for today. Or for the moment should I say. Anyway, I know that the latest image titles aren’t quite funny, but hey, those were just panoramics. What image titles you ask? Oh, wait, you didn’t hover through all the images in the last four posts, did you?


Death Knights

You want to know more about Death Knights, don’t you? I know you do. Don’t lie, I know all you damn nerds will roll a DK as soon as WotLK appears, so don’t even try to lie. Just for you I will spoil the best I can, to remove that shiny happy smile from your sorry faces.

Just kidding, btw. No, maybe not.

Arthas, the Lich King
Arthas, the Lich King

As I’ve already said in the 2nd post on this blog, you start right in front of the Lich King (or better, right at his back). Here’s a picture of him. By the way, every time you talk with him he will tell you bad things. Like, your soul is mine, you will have no own will, your mama is fat, and so on.

Corpse Dust
Corpse Dust

I bet my ass goggles this is one of the first things you will notice. The vendor itself is a normal reagent vendor, aside its name and that little powder that Death Knights use to summon a minion. Either with that or slaying some humanoid around you (including players) to summon a ghoul. Fun part is, if your friend dies, you cast the spell on him, he will become a ghoul. Or better, he will have control over the ghoul. NO, REALLY!

First Sword
First Sword

This is the first sword in the game for Death Knights (note, the “glow” is caused by one of the first Runeforgings you get along with the sword). It’s cool but not just like the second one. The second one has runic inscription along the blade. NO, REALLY. Problem is with runeforging you see like nothing of it, but still… Also, be noted, the “second weapon” can optionally be an axe, instead of the runic sword.

Rune System
Rune System

I must admit that the first time I heard of the Rune System, I simply misunderstood everything. By “consumed” I thought it meant that runes were a sort of strange “stones” you would “socket” somewhere, but had limited durability, or somewhere among those lines. Nothing so far from the truth. Consider those little “balls” some cooldowns for spells. A spell uses one, if there is one in cooldown uses the other, if there are all on cooldown you’re toast. That’s all there is to it.

Although I didn’t understood what do glyphs have to do with Death Knight, but I just made the first 3 levels with him, so there is still time to learn that, and HEY THIS IS JUST AN OVERVIEW, FOR GOD’S SAKE! Cut me some slack, man!

Archerus Deathchargers
Archerus Deathchargers

Gotten through a quest. Free. Epic. NO, REALLY. You get epic mount with Death Knight at about level 56. Which is terribly funny. And awsome. I used it to “run” through all the pack of mobs from Hellfire to Shattrath at level 58, and until deep Terokkar Forest nothing was able to stop me. And when they stunned and dismounted me, I killed the damn 62 wolf, and after him came another to help, namingly 63-Ima-kill-you wolf. And kill him too! NO, REALLY!

It was awsome… tiresome but awsome. Luckily I had a couple good  talents here and there that made me live another day 😀

Lights Hope Chapel Fight
Light’s Hope Chapel Fight

I thought it was cool. And I can’t talk you about it anyway, or I will spoil too much. Bear with me and enjoy the screen.

Death Knights
Death Knights

This is a graphical comparison of DK’s starting and “ending” gear. By ending I mean after completing the main quest line which brings you to… wait, you actually thought I would tell you what happens? HA! In your face!