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DeathIncarnate, the Origins

DeathIncarnated the Lock
DeathIncarnate the Lock

Some people have been wondering where did the name DeathIncarnate came out for me, so I thought that it was a good time to explain it up.

That nerdy gf of mine uses to roam around “zeh interwebs” looking for some random stuff. She eventually stepped inside the blog of a Holy Priest, read a funny article and made me read it too. Aside the fact it was actually funny, I’ve been sometimes dubbed DeathIncarnated ever since.

Group Questing

That means that while TankMaster is getting healed, so is FidoPet, OverzealousMage, and DeathIncarnate, the warlock that’s already killed five mobs, and is wondering what’s taking the rest of you so long.

[Source]. The part which made us laugh as hell, was the fact that just 2 days before we had to farm some Clefthooves, and so we did. While she was killing one mob I random DoTted 4-5 of them, and when she was finished killing her first I already started with the 6th. And, in addition, her brother who just stepped in called her useless, laughing at her DPS.

The “Egotistical Priest” has also forged another term. So if you want to know who the Holy Bowler is (Draenei Paladin actually), you should really read this. Or not. It’s not like I care either.