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NGMP Foundation

I’m about to start the NGMP Foundation: No Games for Mindless People.

I’ve always liked video games, from developing them to enjoying playing them. I liked the stories, the development, the ideas behind the games themselves. Then suddenly, everything started to collapse.

World of Warcraft

I was fine with the idea of giving casual gamers a great chance. Say, new instances hard as hell, requiring attunements and stuff, then nerfed and removing attunement after some months. It wasn’t that nice for hardcore gamers (hay! don’t give cookies to casuals), but overally was acceptable.

WoW now has become so sad I almost don’t play it anymore. After the rush in buying it I found out raiding is pathetic, mostly trivial, which saddened me. A lot. Even though I was struggling with raiding back at the times, I was fine with it, because it was challenging. It was normal. It was supposed to be so. Then the nerf came, and I was like, “fine, there is new hard content up, it’s ok to give free cookies to the late comers”. Then the expansion comes.

  • No attunements for heroics/raids. Fine, I won’t have to farm rep again.
  • All raids are available for both 10 and 25 men. Fine, even if sometimes we can’t find 25 men, it’s alright, we can still do 10 men.
  • Instances have become a “tank the room, aoe”. Sgrunt. Well, ok, maybe we can level up faster.
  • Raids have been so nerfed to be fully cleared after two days from startup. OMGWTFBBQATTK?!? And yes, that included the whole leveling 70-80. Ok, it was combined forces of Nihilum + Curse/SK Gaming. But still…

I was expecting some challenges. I found out that while I was trying to improve myself to be a better player, “no wait they nerfed everything no need lulz”.

Need for Speed: Undercover

The saddest little game.

  • “They brought back open world”. That’s cool.
  • “You can’t do anything in open world”. That’s not cool.
  • “They brought back police”. That’s cool.
  • “But wait, I can’t find races in the world, I can only escape from police after a race”. That’s not cool.
  • “They put back traffic in the streets”. That’s cool.
  • “No, wait, most of the races have barricades on the sides of the streets, so no “random” incoming cars, only the ones aligned along the route”. That’s not cool.
  • “They brought back Autosculpt”. That’s cool.
  • “No, wait, it’s just for the look, basically useless, the contrary of Pro Street”. That’s not cool.
  • “A half rigged trash car can beat by 20 seconds a line up of Lamborghinis and stuff”. THIS IS MADNESS!!

So, so, so, so saddened.

Dungeons & Dragons

Yes, they nerfed it too. Hey, what do we need a master for? Let’s roll and follow a table. Dungeons & Dragons without a Dungeon Master. It’s like playing Chinese Checkers in two. Doable, but where’s the fun?

Personal opinion on the matter

Nobody will ever say that games shouldn’t be more accesible to the public. But in these days, I’m finding out that working is more fun than actually playing. And I wish I was kidding. Money is making companies forget that no matter the player base, what keeps paying the bills are good games. Take out Crayon Physics Deluxe for example. It’s one of the most awaited games ever. I’m even planning to buy a couple copies to send as gift and play it on my 20″ Cintiq.

No matter what the companies are more and more pushing toward the “I haz no brainz plz feed me” market, which is pretty wide, and forgetting that they made some good money starting with the people they should mainly think about. Natural Born Gamers.


We all know how this is gonna end. With a lot of real gamers who would like to play a game and finish it in just more than a-hour-because-time-has-changed-people-has-no-time-so-I-want-it-easy-and-quick-omg-I-just-finished-it-lulz. So called hardcore gamers will hate even more casual gamers, because they basically stole them the fun. Repeated complainings have brought the game to such an easy level to be ridicoulus for the good ol’ gamers. Which is only natural, but still sick in the way it has been done.

I’d like to end this harshly with an italian sentence: “Ma perché non ve ne andate ‘m’pò a fanculo?” (Why don’t you just go fuck off?).

It should pretty much state clearly what’s on my mind as of now.