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Open Transfers: Hooray!!

Here’s for you a(n almost) fresh news:

As the state of the game has matured substantially since the inception of Paid Character Transfers, we will now be allowing PvE-to-PvP transfers on a full-time basis to provide players with more mobility and freedom to easily play with their friends.

But that’s pretty much the only change in the transfers policies:

Keep in mind that all of the other standard cooldowns and restrictions will continue to apply; we’re just opening the option to transfer characters on Normal realms to Player-vs.-Player realms.

If you’re asking yourself what all that stuff means and you don’t want to read, I’ll keep it short: now you can transfer your characters from Normal servers to PvP servers anytime.

The side effect, is that for example if your friends rolled on a PvE server, should you transfer there you will always have the possibility to transfer back to a PvP. Which is far from being useless.

I was asking to myself when they would have changed it. I’ve got my answer.