I spent more than 20 minutes walking in circles. Nah, not even in circle… do you have any recollection of that kind of unbalanced 8 circuit for toy cars… the one which looks like an ellipsis with a circle on one corner of it… well, I followed that kind of path. For more than 20 minutes.

I found myself talking with myself today.

I found myself thinking in English today. I know what you’re thinking: “so what?”. Well, that’s not normal YOU MORONS, I’m italian…

I found myself walking like an obsessed for more than 20 minutes without being able to stop myself today.

I was happy today.

I was even listening to a Topo Gigio’s record today. And we’re talkin about this puppet here…

What the hell went wrong?!?

There’s something torturing me, which keeps awakening in bed for hours. It’s been days since I’m counting, and I averagely spend 2 hours starting at some point out of nowhere after being fully awake. I realize it, I even turn my halogen 100watt lamp on… still that’s useless.

Generally this would be the time when I reveal the world what’s the problem this time around, and still generally I would be so hermetical that just me and God would be able to understand the meaning. And since God does not exist, I would be the only one.

This time though, I have no flipping clue what it could ever be. And I’m not lying, not even to myself.

At the same time, I feel with every cell in my body I’m about to freak out. But this time around I really have the feeling it’s gonna be worse. Much worse. Maybe exactly cause I don’t know what that is due to, so I can’t work on it early on.

One of the things I thought, and which I write as I thought it, was: “if you rely on me, in any manner, be very careful, cause you might be dropped and left behind any time soon”. Some, more than others, should worry. And a lot, too.

250 points, and partial estimation by me, to the one who understands the post title without using google or any other search engine.

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