Global Strike

Global Strike: “In its most extreme sense, Global Strike seeks to create near-invulnerability for the United States by forcing utter vulnerability upon any potential adversary. As a result, Global Strike is principally about warfighting rather than deterrence”. And again “Finally, on November 18, 2005, Joint Functional Component Command Space and Global Strike achieved Initial Operational capability after being thoroughly tested in the nuclear strike exercise Global Lightning 06”.

What does it mean? When complete, USA will be ready to fire at anyone they don’t like. Already tested on November 2005. First target will be Iran. Next could be anyone, EU included.

Exporting democracy? Yeah, right…

World War III is upcoming: what are you gonna do?

Antique Toy – Selected Works 2002-2005

Alright, I just got fade up and released this nice piece of code: AT: Selected Works #1. I did the code and part of the graphics in the GUI. It has been sit here for too much. Had no news from my contact in AT for quite a while now, so I just decided to release it as it is.

Have some fun with the 10 songs and 10 graphics in this little pack. They were made with Spectrum, but just for you pc users out there I coded a GUI for Windows.

Ground Zero

It’s been years now. I always said that the twin towers attack was planned by the USA to save their economy, but I always been laughed/yelled at. I told them the relations between american banks, oil companies and the twin towers. Noone listened.

Now it’s official. Every newspaper and tv news declares that there are currently investigations regarding the twin towers attack, that there are several evidences that everything was planned by the americans themselves.

Now, to all the mother fuckers which had something to say against what I’ve been declaring for years: “didn’t I tell you, bitch?”

But of course, when some guy from Italy talks, even though he searched, looked, listened and read everything it was there to watch, listen and read, he still is some random italian guy. Why should anyone listen to him?

I would ask another question, though: why now everybody listens to me? Why, now that someone said “americans were behind it all” people listens to me and agrees with what I say?

I tell you why: because I was right in the first place, you idiot!

PS: If you’re american and/or you really think that the war in Iraq was made to “export democracy” (and you still gotta tell me how the fuck you can export democracy through the barrel of a gun, though), you should take a look at the The New American Century, all papers written since 1997, which tells the world why america should dominate the whole world, and how to actually do it. First Iraq, then Iran, then… I’ll let you read through it. You might learn something.
Oh, and the website’s been created from the people who actually stand beside Bush. No wonder…

The Source

Do you know that everything comes from the source?
There is a drop of water that wants to be a germ,
and a germ that wants to be a species,
and there is a species that wants to evolve and dominate,
and a kingdom that’s looking for a king.
There is a king that wants to be a star,
and a star that wants to be a spaceship.
There is a spaceship that wants to settle the sea,
and the sea that wants to tag the sky.
There is the sky that wants to sing a song,
and a song that wants to be a book.
There is a book that wants to be loved,
and love that wants to be a dream.
And there is a dream that wants to be the source.

This is the lyric of a new MTV station video, MTV Flux. I always loved this lyric, no doubt…

A Darkness More than Night

I didn’t think it was possible, but seemingly it is. Michael Connelly is a genius, his books are really, really awesome. I don’t really like thrillers, but I must admit that the books I’m reading now (HIS books) are dragging me in.

After Blood Work, there comes the next on my list (A Darkness More than Night), which made me score an own new record: 461 pages read in less than 24 hours. I went to sleep last evening cause I couldn’t read more as my eyes were too tired, and the first thing I did early this morning was turning on the light and start reading. That’s insane.

‘Nuff of that though. On another side I’m doing kind of good. I lack inspiration, had a couple ideas but I’m not really into drawing, coding or making any music at all. I guess that time comes for every artist to just sit back and relax, until some idea pops in saying “here, you’re ready to start again”.

Still around, though not as often as before.

Love ya loads.