Coldarra, the Mystic Realm

Coldarra, also friendly called Rollercoaster (goes up and down and everybody is sick of it). I’m so curious about it.

This is just “yet another rant” post, so if you don’t care, feel free to skip.

When I opted for Beta, I was thinking about testing content. As opposite, I’m just testing world servers going down every 5-10 minutes and spike lags of 12-15 seconds each.

There are certain things I question myself. Why does US have 3 servers while we, averagely with more than half their whole people, we get 1? And why is the only european server in FRICKIN’ CANADA?!?

And that’s not all. There are several other little things, like the blizzard account-related pets. US people was forced to merge the WoW account and Blizz account to join the beta. In europe we dont even have the ability to do that, let alone for something. And this includes the fact that most bonus stuff linked to the merge of WoW and Blizz account won’t be avaliable to europeans.

I personally feel like they’re handing europeans a cookie, which also makes me quite willing to withdraw everything. I mean, if you don’t need us testing that’s fine, take it back, but if you want us to (and I’ve reported even some critical bugs), at least give us a FRICKIN’ DECENT SERVER.

Same goes for pre-made characters. US gets batches of pre-made characters to test instances and stuff, fully 70-80 geared bastards, while we, to test a DK in northrend, have to level them up in Outland.

I seriously don’t know what’s the matter with Blizzard…

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