WoW 3.01

In the last hours, a patch has been delivered to our houses, namely WoW-2.4.3-to-3.0.1-TBC-EU-Update.

While we perfectly know that this is just the beginning, just like TBC, it makes a certain sense to believe in the “predicted” launch date, which is November 11.

Given an upcoming month of betas and fixes, another month for the final production, it could make quite some sense.

Guess we’ll see soon.

6 thoughts on “WoW 3.01”

  1. Yer, like what a download, 992Mb and its still downloading now, estimated time for me, 6 to 4 Hours!
    This patch does nothing ATM I’m told, its just preparation for the WLK expansion dew out in a few months time.

    PS. Also heard Storm Wind City will have a port with ships and a light house, nice 🙂 and about time really!

  2. All of what stated above is true, aside the fact I’ve long finished to download, but yeah, it took a while.

    This patch, along with the others to come, will do _nothing_ at all. They will just stand still on your hard drive (and spreading out eventually) until it will be told to deploy.

    And yes, Stormwind City has a port now, you can find the screenshot on this blog 🙂

  3. Someone says new content will be released next week or so, it could be a nice commercial move since Warhammer will come out in that period…but it is just a rumor

  4. That’s impossible. Little that it could take, at least 2 or 3 weeks.

    Nobody as the games, I believe it’s not even been printed out, the Beta still needs fixes and they surely won’t put the “buy it online” thingie again, because box retailers almost sued them.

    “That is, unless…”

  5. They were just talking about the pre woltk patch, already announced like one month ago, with “just” the new talents or things like the barber shops. But I think they are too optimistic too =P

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