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WotLK Additions

It’s been a little while since I’ve posted the videos, and I since then spent my time on setting up the next few posts you will see in a moment. These are all the graphic reports from the time I started the betatesting until now. In the future they will be more synchronized, but as of now I couldnt do much more than what I’m doing right now!

This post will mainly talk about a few new additions to WoW and a couple minor changes (major changes will have soon a post of their own) . So, let’s begin.

I thought it was wise to start with one of the main introductions which let everybody go “zOMGFOHREAL”?


You can find these barbershops in all cities, in the picture you see me with a new style. When you “shave” for the first time, you also get an achievement (more on this later) . I found out the costs are quite high too. I found some cuts for 12-20g, maybe in some cases even more. Although that is not a great deal with all the dailies out there, it will probably be a no-no for new starters.

Next on our liste we have:


For all who don’t know anything about achievements (where have you been living in the last 3 years?), said “achievements” are objectives to reach for fun. Each achievement gives points. Points will probably surely be used to brag with your archenemies friends to let them now how much they suck pro you are time you spent collecting them. And I’m not kidding, the net is now full of X360 cards displaying total achievement points. Sick parenthesis of humanity, but let’s move on.

I personally like achievements. Most of the times they require you to do the most stupid stuff you’d ever think of, and the fun part is you seriously start to like it. Or, at least, that’s what happened to me.

Loading/Splash Screens Revamped

Nothing major, but I thought that was cool. Characters are now more “toonish”, and I like the feel of it. I haven’t tested all loading screens, just a couple instances, but none of them were refreshed. As of now the only ones I found out are the zone screens. Who knows…

Skeletal Taxi, kthxbai

This particoular Taxi is the one I found while moving from the DK starting zone (after completing the whole chain) to the Dark Portal (in Hellfire. again. sob.)

I don’t know if there are any changes in other paths, although I don’t think they changed. Also I haven’t played in Northrend since the time I lastly logged out, so no news about Northrend flightpath yets. Just yet though 😉

A Huge Calendar
A Huge Calendar

I almost forgot to post the new Group Calendar, or whatever it’s name is. It has been fixed in the last patch (a couple days ago give or take). It has the ability to create new events for raids, display weekly resets, and even shows holidays and special events. I don’t know if it works for weekly battlegrounds bonus too, but I think it would eventually.

IMHO it’s damn HUGE and messy, but I see it’s in development right now, so I believe this is just a scratch.

… I’m not writing this, but until last patch, if you opened the calendar a shitload of error messages would appear flooding your screen. Also it was hilarious to see the use of constants: WEEKDAY_MONDAY, WEEKDAY_TUESDAY, … WEEKDAY_SUNDAY and so on. Ah, localizations… such gorgeous things… Still have the screen with that, should you be interested…