A Handful of Videos

Between the other things, I’ve been making videos here and there during the beta testing, mainly due to some dark pact with Neusy, but however… this is a special dedication to Neusy aka “Zeh Dragonlovah”:

Not too shabby for a beginning, isn’t it? What I really didn’t know and I found terribly hilarious and interesting, is that in the game you can actually ride that dragon in some point of the story. But more about it on next posts.

First thing everybody does when in the beta, is try out the Death Knight. Who wouldn’t? I personally would, and did it. This is the exact point where you spawn with your shiny new character. What you see in front of “you” is the Lich King nonetheless. I quite didn’t believe it in the first place, but I respected my duty and gave proper testimoniance. By the way, the “action” you see Arthas doing (Lich King) is the following: plant the sword, fit one glove, fit the other glove, getting back the Frostmourne (sword’s name).

Last video is about last DK quest. I won’t spoil it, and there’s why I cut the video, let’s just say it’s a big fight at Light’s Chapel.

This is all for the moment: since yesterday I’ve been more busy creating this website than playing, but I surely plan to play MOAR.

Like… now.

4 thoughts on “A Handful of Videos”

  1. So many horses (and a little chaos) ^^’

    Like i said, i quite don’t like the direction taken by Blizzard, doing an expansion for a new ‘hero class’ (and guessing they will spawn many more expansion in the future, all taken directly from the ‘hero’ of Warcraft III and The Frozen Throne).

    Anyway, as long as they keep up the quality and the balance, i imagine that will be ok for any long time users of WoW.

    Still, what WoW is really needing now, is a major graphic update, even only to rival Age of Conan and Warhammer online.

  2. Well, I believe it’s quite different. I believe that things like Blood Elves, Draenei and Death Knights are rather the icy on the cake than the reason for the expansion.

    I must admit that no matter what, they got me surprised ingame. And you know that I’m not easily amused.

    Don’t know, I haven’t played much into Northrend, so I can’t yet judge the expansion as a whole, but surely if the quality is the one I’ve seen in the DK starting zone, surely something amazing will come up to keep us busy.

    For some time anyway, lol.

  3. TiamaT, I am not so sure about the balance of the classes xD
    They are doing some major changes even in talent trees, and I guess they will need some time to balance them again. Not to mention in some cases they are changing the role that a spec will have in raid. I think we will see more retribution paladins, for example.

    I would like some graphic update, but all in all, if WoW has 10 million users, it is even because they can afford to play it even on not so up to date computers. That said, I even think no one is playing it on a 10 years old pc…so yes, trying to make the graphic a little more appealing for who can afford it, would be welcome.

  4. A couple infos for you guys.

    First of all they’re definitely balancing DK (“Death Coil” has become lolcoil since last patch for everyone).

    And about the graphics update, I believe I heard that graphical requires will be pushed up with WotLK release. A little bit like it was with TBC.

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