So, here we go. Blog set up and ready, although the theme has to be adjusted a little more, but not for the moment =P

Since I got my dirty hands on a WotLK beta key, I started doing some “reports” and noticed my friends were actually quite interested, so I decided to throw this up in a rush.

I wanted from quite some time to start a gaming weblog, and I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to do both what I planned to do for ages, and give my friends some ins and outs about  WotLK.

This is it, I’m going back to hell work, so stay tuned. A lot has to come 🙂

2 thoughts on “Opening”

  1. A beta key wo WotLK?
    Well, that’s just fine, so we can have an inside look to this new expansion… Hoping that Blizzard will not be milking the poor users with a new expansion for every new character class (and be sure that there will be a lot of them).

    Anyway, still not having enogh time to follow you guys in your adventures on Azeroth, but i will keep an eye on this weblog and on all the updates the powerfull Warlock will share with us! 😉

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